Jenny Lessman Permanently Imprinted Memories

By February 8, 2016Uncategorized

Kenya, Africa- an unforgettable, indescribable country that imprinted memories and passions on me that I am all too willing to share in the hopes that others may one day may be blessed with the opportunity to have the same life-altering experiences that I had while traveling with a group through Mwendo Adventures. There is no place more incredible and remote than the Maasai Mara Reserve- where we encountered all kinds of life on the plains. I was thrilled to see pods of hippos, a leopard eating an impala, and a family of cheetah while on game drives and at night soak in the enormity of the Milky Way. Everything was remarkable: from the exquisite dining in the bush camp, to the elaborate tribal dances of the Maasai chiefs, to the smiling, loving faces of the children in Valley of Tumaini Orphanage. Joe and Jason had the details planned out to maximize our time, customize our needs, and provide a memorable trip that is truly unlike any other. I am forever grateful for my time in Africa and cannot wait to return for another adventure with the Mwendo family.

– Jenny

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